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Our lettuces are grown hydroponically.  Our most popular lettuces are Garden Mix, 50/50 Mix, Spicy Mix, and Buttercrunch.

The Garden Mix is our most popular product. The Garden Mix consists of a wide variety of red and green lettuces. The blend changes daily, depending on which varieties are ready for harvest. Our Garden Mix is always tender, delicate, fresh, and eye appealing.

The Spicy Mix is a mixture of lettuces blended with spicy greens. We might be adding mustards, mizuna, watercress, arugula, tatsoi, chards, or whatever else might be ready for blending. Our Spicy Mix provides an alternative for people liking zip, spice, and extra flavor in a salad.

The 50/50 Mix is a mixture of the spicy mix and the garden mix. Our 50/50 Mix provides a blend of the spicy with the sweet lettuces. It is just a little bit spicy.

The Buttercrunch is packaged in small delicate heads without the roots. The European Butterhead is a soft, sweet, green lettuce. It provides a wonderful individual presentation for a salad.


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