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We grow many different greens. They are used in some of our lettuce mixes as well as packaged individually. We have also put together several mixed green varieties such as a Sweet Greens Mix, a Hot Greens Mix, and a Braising Greens Mix.

The Sweet Greens Mix is a blend of mild sweet flavored greens such as chards, beets, komatsuna, choi, and tatsoi. It can be used as a stand alone salad, a garnish, or a bed for your entrée.

The Hot Greens Mix is a blend of hot, spicy flavored greens such as mustard, arugula, mizuna, rapini, and watercress. It can be used as a stand alone salad, a garnish, or a bed for your entrée with a little zip.

The Braising Mix, our most popular greens mix, is a blend of mild and spicy greens. It can be used to wilt or sauté. We have even mixed it with our hot entrée when serving to add eye appeal and flavor.

In addition we have individual greens available for packaging.

Our most popular greens are:

    • Tatsoi - an oriental green
    • Arugula – a pungent green
    • Mustard Greens – very spicy
    • Watercress – petite with a full bold flavor
    • Mizuna – mild Japanese mustard
    • Mixed Chards – Red, green, and ruby colored
    • Beet greens – small and delicate
    • Red Choi – a small Pac Choi with a touch of red
    • Purple Komatsuna – mild oriental green
    • Rapini – tender green with broccoli like flavor

We like to please our customers and will custom grow for you. Just remember, things don’t grow overnight! It takes some pre-planning. 

arugula totsoi
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